We’re off to a slow start…. again

lsd 19-02-06.jpg

Man was it ever cold out there yesterday!! Thank god for the fur-lined knut sack!! I’m really not that sure of the distance, it may have been a little more or a little less… who cares? what’s important is that we’re doing it again! Not many people on the mountain, just a few of the very hardiest types in balaclavas & triple layered everything else. Kept a nice steady pace without ever taking my eye off the deck! Paranoid about hurting the ankle which wasn’t bandaged or supported in any way. Boston will happen, but I get the feeling that the 2 lost weeks and the slight loss of confidence will factor in to the result. Ho Humm.

This morning my legs felt more tired than they have in a long time, I’d forgotten that Monday morning dull ache which leaves in time for tuesday’s intervals. Made me smile a little as, it reminded me how much I miss running when I can’t get out there for whatever reason. Happy to be back.

Now if only we could have a little Spring….



One response to “We’re off to a slow start…. again

  1. I can commiserate with yesterdays entry about the ankle. At this time last year I too was trainning for Boston in the pool and the damned eliptical because I sprained my ankle, just three weeks prior to departure. All of this after just returning to my feet following a hamstring injury which ocured in mid-february. Boy, was I ever discouraged, but I ran anyway-poorly-but I ran. Ironically, all of the endorphins etc., oblterated the pain but the lack of conditioning really showed. Keep your chin up! Give me a shout. We ought to go for a trot sometime……..Ian

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