….fingers crossed, we’re back up and running. that’s running not swimming!!


So I just did an hour or so of semi-serious blogging, got a little adventurous with the html… didn’t save properly and lost the lot….. Bollocks!!

Let’s try again:

We’ll start with the running: I think I’ve decided that the ankle thing is good enough to stand up to a diluted version of whats left of my Daniels Pfitzinger 55mpw/18 week plan which I haven’t even looked at for the last two weeks. Next weeks total milage should be 55 miles ending with a twenty-miler on Sunday, normally this wouldn’t be a problem [other than the usual lack of time], however I’ll see how the body feels/reacts to picking it back up. It’s a bit of a coincidence that the last time I prepared for Boston I got injured, albeit through stupidity [overtrained/lack of rest/pushed way too hard] and not by a dumb pothole. So yesterday I dodged the lousy weather and ran on the TM at the gym. 1 mile w/up 8:30, 4 miles steady-state, 1 mile LT 6:40 total: 6 miles 44:59. No real discomfort, just a dull constant ache above the ankle. I’m taking today off and will go meet the CR folks for a 3 hour LSD in the morning, which I’m looking forward to. Shame that Irongoddess can’t make it….. Hope you’re feeling better after Friday’s accident

So what’s with today’s pic? I hear you ask… On Thursday evening I went to a belated Valentines concert at the tiny church around the corner from here. Not really my bag but it was for a good cause, The Montreal’s Childrens Hospital. Anyway I really don’t care for musicals…. with the exception of Westside Story. The voices were awesome, Marie-Annick Béliveaue is now my fave classical sweetie, if you ever get a chance to hear this lady sing, go! Anyway they sang a couple of tunes from Westside Story… so grommit got his cultural fix for a while.

On another note, it seems like the car will be sold I will miss it, it’s right up there with my running… well almost. However, K & I took grommit jr. for a test drive in one of these and although it’s a little heavier it’s almost as zippy… the AWD is like glue, even on yesterday’s ice. I’ll miss the 337 all the same, ho humm.

Bought a couple of albums today… actually I swapped an Xmas gift that I already had. I’m still stuck on the Artic Monkeys check out the video I also picked up the “she want’s revenge” album. As an old Joy Division fan this appeals…. cute vid too … seems to work best in real audio… sorry about all the vids to day but hey… blos is self-indulgence right?


2 responses to “….fingers crossed, we’re back up and running. that’s running not swimming!!

  1. Ahem, Thursday’s accident … can’t believe we’re already Sunday morning bright and early and I still feel like crap! Personally, I think that a 3hr lsd is a little crazy, especially with the cold conditions. But heck, you may not have to ice afterwards! You’ll already be frozen!

  2. Yeah, I’ve pulled that trick before, why ice for 20 minutes when you can ice for 3 hours?

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