…. when the Y becomes the O, I’m done with swimming!


… that’s me and the pool finished, we’re done here. I mean what sort of sport doesn’t work up a sweat? My already wilting ego took a real hard kick to the gonads yesterday and confirmed my suspicion that I really should stick to running. Here’s the scenario: Sarasota Y on a wednesday morning seems to be the seniors day… nothing wrong with that, we’ll all be wrinkly one day right? In fact I take my hat off (tight fitting rubber….) to these good people who take enough care of their bodies. Anyways, I’m cruising up and down (breaststroke) and this huge old dude who had been watching for a while asks if he can share my lane… no problem sir, says I. So he gently lowers himself in to the pool and starts to swim at more or less the same speed as me…. so whats the problem? This old geezer had obviously had some sort of partial stroke and was doing the crawl….. with one friggin arm…. what’s that about!!

I repeated the monday workout of an hour and a half and then went and cried for 20 minutes in the changing room…. The ankle is pretty much back to its usual size and I’ll probably ease back into the scedule over the weekend.

The Haliburton Forest run is forming more and more of a solid mass in my thoughts…and having talked with a couple of people who know this area I am more or less sold on the idea. Now the fun part…. training and logistics


One response to “…. when the Y becomes the O, I’m done with swimming!

  1. I’m slow in the pool too but I blame it on to much stuffed into the speedo causing drag in the water which slows me down. Thats my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

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