…. unconditional surrender, but is it art?

unconditional surrender.jpeg
so yesterday’s outing was a very modest, very carefully run 6.5 miles in about 52 minutes…. hmmm no real discomfort worth mentioning although the swelling, which has gone down a tad seems to have moved. What’s that about? It’s now up higher above the ankle lump… It might have been that way before and maybe I didn’t notice it. The deluxe Hoshizaki ice machine down the hall is really handy and as I type this we’re icing yet again.. I won’t run today I’ll give it a little time just in case I slowed things up by testing it yesterday. Man the weathers lousy down here, cold windy & ultra-grey…….. and then the sun came out.
But I did go to the Y, Heeded the advice of “irongoddess” and made friends with the pool. The Sarasota YMCA is really busy, ultra nice folk … all smiling and helpful. Found myself the slow lane and started doing the circle thing…. the girls in the slow lane kept overtaking me…. but nobody swam for much more than 20 minutes and stopping seems to be acceptable. I apologised to one lady for my lack of vitesse, said I was an injured runner she nodded sympathetically and then sped off like a fish. I timed myself for a few laps of this 25 metre pool and gave myself an average of about 45 seconds, did the maths while I was swimming and came up with 2.25kms as I swam for an hour and a half… Don’t know if this is fast/slow or whatever and I’m not sure I should worry but the stats thing is such a habit with running I just had to do apply it to the pool.

The ankle felt a little looser and just a little less swollen than yesterday and who knows I may run a little tomorrow… we’ll see. Going fishing with some clients tomorrow afternoon, should be fun… but honestly I think I woould rather be at home for valentines day….. ho humm.


2 responses to “…. unconditional surrender, but is it art?

  1. I told you swimming would be good for you! You know I know what’s good for the ankle, been there done that just way too many times … you’ll see! Your ankle will be stronger with the swimming!

  2. So um … where’s Wed.’s post? I’m awaiting with baited breath …

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