missing the mountain badly….

so here’s a photomont-royal_vue_12.jpg

so here’s a thing…. I can do my blog while they check to see if the plane needs deicing. Don’t you just hate it when your taxi to the airport is late? We’re talking a good 20 minutes, not 5 or even 10 but enough time to make you consider calling another company…. but that would’ve taken even longer, right? Anyway, it’s safe to say that my mildly stressed, running(endorphin) deprived mood could’ve been just a little more benevolent to the innocent Haitian taxi driver who’s only crime was to respond asap when the other wanker couldn’t find my address. So with a quick stop at the ATM we managed to get to Pierre Elliot T. airport without enough time to grab a coffee…. the queue at Starbucks is always hideous. So there’s no food, no movie & the coffee served by Delta is pretty sad. I had brought a couple of DVD’s with me to watch on the plane and as the kid sitting next to me was totally fixed on the screen so I let him plug his headphones in…. “Spun” is still one of my fave movies, Britney Murphy does the “speedfreak” to perfection.

I’m not sure which is bugging me more, not being able to run or going 19 days without a full day off. Probably the injury, which is about 30 per cent less swollen & 10 per cent bluer today than yesterday. I hope the ocean’s warm enough to swim as the hotel pool is tiny and not at all suitable for an hour or two of laps! I miss my kids too, sometimes my work just gets in the way. I know I shouldn’t whine as there’s all sorts of folks that are way less fortunate than me… but I miss them and wonder what they’re doing. So I put the ipod on shuffle and today’s tune of the day is “Gloomy Sunday” by Bjork. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy this little gem 🙂

On another note (running that is) I have sent up a balloon on the possibility of instead of running the VT50 I could go for the gusto and attempt my first 100 mile ultra. The Haliburton Forest 100 is at about the same time as the VT50 so I’d have the whole summer to get ready. I think that K knows that I have to get this distance out of my system. It’s sort of always there, beckoning me, taunting me…. I will have to do it at some point, and no, I don’t have an answer to the “why?” and “where does end?” questions. Well not for the time being anyway. I also like the idea that I don’t think I’ll be able to get through this on my own. This will be one of those things that will have rely on friends…. a rare thing for somebody who is almost always totally self-reliant, even if the event is a journey into one’s own psyche I want to share. I’ve had a couple of offers from the CoolRunning crowd to “crew” and “pace” me at the end…. if you’re reading this keep sept 9th free on your calender… I’ll supply the batteries for your headlamps…. and everything else for that matter (if you’re interested drop me a line). Well my planes about to land…. I’ll put this up later.

No run… obviously. No swim… the ocean’s freezing and the Y closes at eight….. Ate the best chocolate dessert thing ever so I will go to bed feeling like a total slug….


2 responses to “missing the mountain badly….

  1. Congratulations on deciding to go for a hundred miler. I’m sure the coolrunners will back you up and help whenever they can. As for a crew and pacers, Dude you picked th wrong date Sept. 9 is my wedding anniversary. My wife is very understanding and said she would crew me one day if I decided to attempt a 50 miler. Not understanding enough to let me crew someone else on our anniversary. But I can ask!!
    This would of been a great opportunity for me to get a close up look at what goes on at these 100 miler races. Go Grommit Go

  2. Very cool Grommit, some challenge but some how I’m not worried about you : – ) I don’t have what it takes to pace you for something like this but perhaps you’ll consider my company on some of your long runs as you’ll have to take down a knotch (sp) or two and run sloooowwer…chocolate dessert..my favorite..

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