firefox v’s safari

… what I didn’t want to happen with this blog things was for me to waste more of that scarce commodity…. time! But I guess as I don’t really catch this stuff that rapidly so I’ll have to invest a little…. First thing I found out was that this works much better using the firefox browser as against safari, which doesn’t support stuff and misses features…. that was an easy switch. Now I’ve just got figure out how to manage the links and tags and we’ll be off to the races….

So this is what the damaged body part looks like. Not so bad eh? After two days the bruise is out and the whole area has sort of gone stiff on me. I reckon we’re “off games” for at least another couple of days, I feel like a total raspberry ripple , well it looks like that “test link” worked… hey look at me I’m writing HTML…. I ain’t shittin ya.

Back to the injury, I’ll give it another 3 days, and then I’ll do that uber-scientific functionality test of hopping up and down for 30 seconds… if it hurts I’ll continue the rest, if it don’t we’re back in business.


7 responses to “firefox v’s safari

  1. Pretty ugly ankle you have. Who took the picture ?

  2. No jumping … swim while you’re in Sarasota … Don’t compromise Boston.

  3. And oh yes, we want the pics to blow up! Guess what you’ll be doing tonight? I’ll be stuffing sponsor bags …

  4. And fix the time, you’re 4 hours ahead!

  5. Jesus, I thought you said on CC that it wasn’t that bad…you sure you should be hopping up and down…? Maybe swim in Sarasota, humm..?

  6. I had the same looking ankle for Boston last year, but with all of the endorphins flowing, I don’t even remember it bothering me. Hit the pool-running & swimming. Best of luck & lots of RICE…..

  7. as-94783-sa

    nice blog.. i ll come back again :] greets

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