sore & swollen, bruised pride….


that’s the thing about stupid injuries, especially the self-inflicted type. It’s more my ego that’s dented than anything else. I am sent these tiny set-backs as a little work out for my humility… which is often lacking.
I came out of a series of stress fractures at the end of the summer of 04, having pretty much missed a season of running and racing, 10lbs heavier and with a slightly modified view on the training thing. I had promised myself to take it easy… easier said than done. But I’ve stuck with the lower-stress, smarter, better technique type of training and have avoided injury for nearly 18 months. Until my pot-hole that is.
So I’m going to have to sit on my hands for a few days, no running, watch the carbs and try and get my head around some cross-training that doesn’t involve my right ankle. It feels a little better than yesterday, still pretty sore and swollen but the healing process is under way. Advil, ice and a stretch bandage… and when the swellings gone I may try a trip to the physio.
I’m off to Sarasota on saturday. Work thing, for a few days… hope I can run by then as I was looking forward to doing it without 15 layers of fleece in the snow…. but if I can’t I guess the pool will do….

…. and the tune of the day is: Tear you Apart by She Wants Revenge


3 responses to “sore & swollen, bruised pride….

  1. Gro ? : – ) Sorry to hear about this set back, the roads are a bloody disaster where ever you go. Take care – Sarasota..lucky you.

  2. The pool is your friend … don’t run on your ankle too early!

  3. Woah… that is one big bruise. Hope you recover well and start rehab-ing soon! On that note, I’m on my way to physio…

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