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….maybe I should’ve gone straight for plan c…. dah!


The Humble Slug….

It occured to me while I was stepping and sweating like a pig on the ET this morning that maybe I shouldn’t have even bothered with the pool….. Maybe I should’ve rested a week or so and then gone for the eliptical trainer. The pool made my eyes sore and frustrated me more than anything else and then I went back to the running just a little too quickly, I know I needed a few more days. Never mind, I’m pretty certain that I’ll still have enough time to get in some sort of reasonable shape for Easter Monday/Patriots day.

The workout that you get from an ET is not exactly the same muscle groups as running but it’s a lot closer to the real thing than swimming. This morning’s 2 hours kept my HR between 125-130, sent my tootsies slightly numb and gave my quads a harder workout than they would have normally have had, when I got off the thing the legs were decidedly wobbly, weak and watery. The sensation is very similar to a gradual climb… this will come in useful for later in the season, there’s no shortage of hills in the forecast.

And now for the rest of my weekend……


…. a few steps backwards, small ones we hope!!


So I’ve never really had that much trouble getting out the door…. even on the coldest of mornings and today was no exception. Minus 21 c with the wind, I had planned to do a slow relaxing 12 miles, leaving lots of space for Sunday’s lsd trot with Chops. All was well, just the right amount of layers and the legs felt good. The only thing was that my ankle started to complain after about 15 minutes, I pressed on for about another 10 minutes which brought me to the closest point to home without completing the whole loop [I had planned to do two]. At this point my brain overtook my macho/stupid wanting to continue, I ran/walked home. Merde, it was cold!!
I have to confess that I’m more than a little bummed with this setback, however I think it’s exactly [and only] that…. a setback. The pic sort of shows the degree of swelling left in my ankle [right, you fool] and I think the running today on the uneven pavement/snow/ice [as against the even TM] may have irritated it a bit more. I will now go for Plan C, Plan B was aborted due to my not really liking the laps at the pool even a tiny bit, too much splashing and not enough sweat. Plan C is the in-house eliptical trainer, it ain’t a bad machine and I have been known to go a couple of hours at a time… way harder workout than the grommit breast-stroke laps. I know I can maintain my cardio this way, I’ll stick it out for a week or so and then try and get in 4 weeks of training and a couple of weeks taper…. sounds like a plan. N’est pas? It’s not really much of a plan for Boston but it’s all we got for the moment. Anyway, there’s going to be loads of funner things later in the year and if I really need to do the BQ thing again I can find a venue somewhere else.

The tricky part of this exercise is get my head around the frustration of being sidelined by such a dumb injury. I was feeling really great about the training this time round and was confident of a fair result… Bollocks! Look out ET [as against TM] here I come…. in fact it’s positioned in front of the TV in the basement and I will watch a couple of old movies. Talking of which, the boys and I rented two real classics, Clint & Steve for the weekend.

Here’s a really interesting option that I heard while I was merrily listening to zionradio, you can go to and they promise you absolutely NO right-wing psycho Bush supporters….. only liberal minded free thinking singles…. go get em I say!

Grommit….. scouring the net so you don’t have to…..

a hard workout don’t come easy…..

Video Snapshot 2.jpg

Portrait of a time waster!!

So last night’s run was just what I needed!! It’s been a while since I did the lactate thing for more than half an hour…. and an hour into last night’s workout I felt it, not anywhere in particular …. more of a general stress all over. I must’ve lost a little form, either that or I’m getting old. So the details: TM at the gym 12 miles 1:26:19, average HR 162. It’s the heartrate that’s probably the important bit of data here, I targeted to stay around 160 to give me an idea of where I am as far as pace goes…. 7:12 which is pretty much on target, no complaints with that. This morning everything feels just fine and ready to go again…..
As for the ankle, nothing more than the dull ache. Iced, Ibuprofened and if anything it’s feeling as if the workout [with neoprene brace] seems to help. It bugs me that I cant stretch it out much but it’ll come I guess.
We have a couple of new tunes stuck on the play list… Kanye West is too cool and the White Stipes just refuse to leave

And if you ever think that your life is futile… check out this guys blog

… an overnight stay in quebec city


I was reading in today’s “journal de quebec” that they’ve had so much snow down there that all the snow dumps are all full and the snow removal companies are complaining about having to work 120 hour weeks…. all the rain we got, they got in it’s solid fluffy form.

Anyway, I will share with you good people my all time favourite Québec city lunch-for-one venue, L’Échaudé, without a doubt the best lunch…… my Filet de Talipia was sublime… as I watched yet more of the fluffy white stuff fall… and then back to reality/work. Arghhh!

As for the running: I did 6 miles on the TM at the gym, wearing my new Neoprene ankle brace felt pretty comfortable and it’s definitely helping to reduce what’s left of the swelling. 44:30 followed by 15 minutes core and then 20 minutes on the bike keeping above 100 rpm. Spent about half an hour in the sauna and then headed for my other favorite restaurant when I’m on the road…. 2 burgers, 2 root beers & a large fries later I headed back to the hotel… to crash out. A long, 15 hour day.

Although, my schedule calls for a 12 mile LT run tonight I will save it for tomorrow… I’m gonna hit the sofa and watch Lost with the kids. I’m resisting the urge to run every day and giving my poor lame ankle a days break between workouts. It’s only wednesday and I’m really looking forward to my long run at the weekend… hopefully the weather will be a little kinder… no such luck they [whoever they may be] are predicting -9 as a high! let’s hope they got it wrong. Hurry up spring, please!

We’re off to a slow start…. again

lsd 19-02-06.jpg

Man was it ever cold out there yesterday!! Thank god for the fur-lined knut sack!! I’m really not that sure of the distance, it may have been a little more or a little less… who cares? what’s important is that we’re doing it again! Not many people on the mountain, just a few of the very hardiest types in balaclavas & triple layered everything else. Kept a nice steady pace without ever taking my eye off the deck! Paranoid about hurting the ankle which wasn’t bandaged or supported in any way. Boston will happen, but I get the feeling that the 2 lost weeks and the slight loss of confidence will factor in to the result. Ho Humm.

This morning my legs felt more tired than they have in a long time, I’d forgotten that Monday morning dull ache which leaves in time for tuesday’s intervals. Made me smile a little as, it reminded me how much I miss running when I can’t get out there for whatever reason. Happy to be back.

Now if only we could have a little Spring….


….fingers crossed, we’re back up and running. that’s running not swimming!!


So I just did an hour or so of semi-serious blogging, got a little adventurous with the html… didn’t save properly and lost the lot….. Bollocks!!

Let’s try again:

We’ll start with the running: I think I’ve decided that the ankle thing is good enough to stand up to a diluted version of whats left of my Daniels Pfitzinger 55mpw/18 week plan which I haven’t even looked at for the last two weeks. Next weeks total milage should be 55 miles ending with a twenty-miler on Sunday, normally this wouldn’t be a problem [other than the usual lack of time], however I’ll see how the body feels/reacts to picking it back up. It’s a bit of a coincidence that the last time I prepared for Boston I got injured, albeit through stupidity [overtrained/lack of rest/pushed way too hard] and not by a dumb pothole. So yesterday I dodged the lousy weather and ran on the TM at the gym. 1 mile w/up 8:30, 4 miles steady-state, 1 mile LT 6:40 total: 6 miles 44:59. No real discomfort, just a dull constant ache above the ankle. I’m taking today off and will go meet the CR folks for a 3 hour LSD in the morning, which I’m looking forward to. Shame that Irongoddess can’t make it….. Hope you’re feeling better after Friday’s accident

So what’s with today’s pic? I hear you ask… On Thursday evening I went to a belated Valentines concert at the tiny church around the corner from here. Not really my bag but it was for a good cause, The Montreal’s Childrens Hospital. Anyway I really don’t care for musicals…. with the exception of Westside Story. The voices were awesome, Marie-Annick Béliveaue is now my fave classical sweetie, if you ever get a chance to hear this lady sing, go! Anyway they sang a couple of tunes from Westside Story… so grommit got his cultural fix for a while.

On another note, it seems like the car will be sold I will miss it, it’s right up there with my running… well almost. However, K & I took grommit jr. for a test drive in one of these and although it’s a little heavier it’s almost as zippy… the AWD is like glue, even on yesterday’s ice. I’ll miss the 337 all the same, ho humm.

Bought a couple of albums today… actually I swapped an Xmas gift that I already had. I’m still stuck on the Artic Monkeys check out the video I also picked up the “she want’s revenge” album. As an old Joy Division fan this appeals…. cute vid too … seems to work best in real audio… sorry about all the vids to day but hey… blos is self-indulgence right?

…. when the Y becomes the O, I’m done with swimming!


… that’s me and the pool finished, we’re done here. I mean what sort of sport doesn’t work up a sweat? My already wilting ego took a real hard kick to the gonads yesterday and confirmed my suspicion that I really should stick to running. Here’s the scenario: Sarasota Y on a wednesday morning seems to be the seniors day… nothing wrong with that, we’ll all be wrinkly one day right? In fact I take my hat off (tight fitting rubber….) to these good people who take enough care of their bodies. Anyways, I’m cruising up and down (breaststroke) and this huge old dude who had been watching for a while asks if he can share my lane… no problem sir, says I. So he gently lowers himself in to the pool and starts to swim at more or less the same speed as me…. so whats the problem? This old geezer had obviously had some sort of partial stroke and was doing the crawl….. with one friggin arm…. what’s that about!!

I repeated the monday workout of an hour and a half and then went and cried for 20 minutes in the changing room…. The ankle is pretty much back to its usual size and I’ll probably ease back into the scedule over the weekend.

The Haliburton Forest run is forming more and more of a solid mass in my thoughts…and having talked with a couple of people who know this area I am more or less sold on the idea. Now the fun part…. training and logistics