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don’t you just love a bargain ? well I just got me one…..

I confess ….I’ve been eyeing the zoom lenses for a while, but I just couldn’t get my head around forking out another $400 on toys…. as there seems to be no end to the stuff I can consume… I am really not the rabid consumer that I might seem, in fact I sort of pride myself on being able to live very modestly if it ever were to come to it…. I believe I would still be happy… But that’s another post… anyway back to the lenses thing.

so after much drooling over the really expensive ones and hours of pawing over the users galleries on the Olympus site….. I decided I needed one of these olympus ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 40-150mm F4.0-5.6 then went shopping online to see how cheap it could be had for…. alas nothing much under $200…. then went to the sites of the local camera stores to see who stocked it…. Imagine my total glee to find the thing could be had for 99$ less than 5kms away!! Credit card out before this mirage of a bargain could evaporate….. and it was waiting to be picked up from the post office when I got home this afternoon…

so I stood at the back door and took a few snaps of the vegetation…. and of course the dawg…. and honestly I’m very impressed

so these were taken in the auto mode . .. . . .. ..  yeah I know I will get round to reading the manual and exploring my Olympus in a more exciting way but for the time being it’s better than the crap shots I used to take….

yesterday’s run…. posted today

I wish that I could grab some of the sensation that sometimes happens about three quarters of the way into a very tiny few of my better runs…. it is a state of euphoria, the “Oh be Joyfuls” that words don’t really do justice… Yesterday was one of those runs. Nothing extraordinary about the distance…. less than 20 kms, a particularly beautiful trail… the company of my dog, the sound of loons, the smell of fetid forest floor mingled with warm damp pine, the sensation of forcing your body up a hill to the point when your breath is not quite enough…. and your muscles have a sort warmth from the effort. Shoes full of mud and water, deer flies attacking the back of your head, legs scratched and bleeding from the wild raspberry canes…. all these sensations at once.. a massive sensory overload! I love it!!

I will be going back to St. Adolphe d’Howard and all this for a measly $5 …… they keep these trails beautifully, the skiing must be mind blowing. I should drag some of my mucky running friends along next time….Gomez on Vacation

the smell of wet dog…..

let it rain

let it rain

as I start this bit of bloggyness…. I am wondering if I should bother or maybe just go take a nap before supper…. it’s not so bad being on holiday, I guess. I would’ve like to have kept a better blog of the past week or so…. but when ever I was in the mood I got side-tracked or I didn’t have a connection that was worth anything. In fact I still don’t , so I won’t even bother trying to add some the soggy rain photos that almost came out well.

I wrote myself a list of things to tackle while I am on vacation and I have sort of managed to tackle a couple of them…

I have been challenged by the combination of  GTD and Entourage confused only farther by the good folks at RIM. Anyway, spent the first day of my vacation drinking tea, watching the rain and wrestling the list writing part of my life to the ground.

Also on the list of stuff to do is, to read the manual that came with my camera…. I need to know what all the buttons do… need to have control and I need to have the skills to get out of auto mode, but first I have to read the manuals. Talking of photos… got few fairly good shots of mushroom, rain and the dog…. the theme of this vacation. When I get near a real connection I’ll upload to flikr… promise.

What I did discover that is really noteworthy is that there is a huge network of cross country ski trails close to the place where we are staying and the conditions have been sublime (filthy, waterlogged, muddy, slippery and oh so wet)… so I got in a couple of good runs, nicely hilly, pretty technical… and did I mention muddy. I should have run today but we got involved taking care of some “contractual” problems… and then went car shopping as the Mrs is done with the Saab…. looks like she’s getting one of these….. maybe she’ll let me drive it sometimes…. nah I like my old diesel jeep that pongs of wet dog and sweaty runner….

long time since I’ve run intervals on the TM….

I always try to kid myself that the workouts that feel the worst are the ones that are most valuable. Not every run can feel just right, some just feel awful… tonight’s (thursday) felt like arse. I know exactly what was wrong, a simple case of fatigue.. just not enough sleep lately. This was the first time in months that I have run intervals and instead of doing the smart thing and starting of with a few easy short 100m intervals… I go straight for the 1/4 milers with a fair pace in between instead of the smart easy recoveries… long story short: a mediocre result over the 8 miles…. spent the last two tricking myself into continuing when all I wanted to do was go stretch and sit in the sauna…. which was out of order anyway. Its behind me… moving right along.

So my daughter will kill me if she ever sees this but…. her grandmama has been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for a few years now and it is starting to take away her once very keen mind. I must throw in here that I miss my my ex-mother-in-law… Anyway, my little girl is growing up into a very talented artist… and in order to never forget her grandmama she drew a grandfather clock mingled with Forget-Me-Not’s… which she then hand over to a ptretty good local tattoo artist…. et voila

P7222197So I had to ask her … what was the significance of three o clock….. three years was the amount of time the doctors have give her grandmama before her mind is wiped clean by the disease. So sad…. I loved this lady… and miss my contact with her.

So while I am writing this …. I should be figuring out some sort of plan on how to in shape for VT50…. just 63 days to go! I am now on vacation for couple of weeks… will catch up on some sleep, try and turn down the stress a little although there is one serious stress factor that can’t be ignored… Tomorrow some canoe, a nice long run, a swim for sure…. Now if mother nature would just play along, all would be peachy.

that restful mood passed….. phew

OK….. so I now signed up for the Vermont 5o as well….. a couple of emails between myself and Mike Silverman (does this constitute name droppin?) and its all set…. back to the training. I am excited. I love this race probably more than any other, the chill in the air at the start… the excitement that is oh so palpable that you could slice it …. thinly. The quiet in the woods after all the bikes have gone, the friendships made during the journey… the smell of the autumn in Vermont, the colour of the leaves…. am i wishing this awful rainy summer to pass so we can get on with the next season. Maybe.

The music ended the day on a different note… a classic…For I am a rain Dog Too..

monday morning……

awoke with a chronic urge to listen to Blue Rodeo……

legs are a little stiff from yesterdays workout….. nothing that hard really, about twenty kms….. fairly hard with a few farleks thrown in…. all is well. Note to self: sign up for the Vermont 50 & write myself the schedule… less than 2 months to prepare! yikes

Email conversation between Dan the Race Director and me .. ….. has me signed up for a multi day stage race, just the half version. Never done a half version of anything much at all in my life, but prudence tells me this is good time to start….